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Xiomara's Literary Buzz - March/April 2024

Dear Readers and Supporters,

Here's a roundup of all the fantastic happenings in Xiomara's world that you don't want to miss!

1. 🎙️ "This Week in America" Podcast Premiere: Dive into the Mystery!

Unlock the secrets of "A New Beginning Maybe?" in Xiomara's electrifying podcast interview with Ric Bratton. 📻 Your backstage pass to the creative journey awaits - listen here and let the adventure begin!

2. 📚 LA Times Festival of Books: Where Magic Meets Reality!

Mark your calendars for the literary event of the year at USC (April 20-21). 📖✨ Join Xiomara for an exclusive book signing, captivating discussions, and the thrill of connecting with fellow book enthusiasts. Stay tuned for the grand reveal - it's going to be a page-turner!

3. London Book Fair: Our Books Shine on the Global Stage!

London, get ready! Xiomara's books take the spotlight at the esteemed London Book Fair (March 12-14). 🌍📚 Explore the mysteries that have captivated readers worldwide. An international showcase like no other!

4. 📖 Trilogy Extravaganza: Unleash the Complete Adventure!

For a limited time, immerse yourself in the complete trilogy at exclusive prices! 🌈 Join Captain Jane Sparks and Senior Special Agent Fran Morris in heart-pounding adventures.

BOOKS | Xiomara Rodriguez (

Fasten your seatbelts - March Madness just got a whole lot more thrilling!

Happy Reading!


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