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How Could It Be

How Could It Be?

Renowned author Xiomara Rodriguez brings an intriguing and suspense-packed mystery novel in "How Could It Be?" 

"How Could It Be?" has earned the nod of mystery novel fans globally, many of them lauding its themes of deception that keep readers hooked. It is one of the ultimate reads of 2023 that's laced with twists, turns, and intrigues.  

How Could It Be Cover

Author Xiomara Rodriguez's top-rated and fast-paced mystery crime novel, "How Could It Be?" known for its theme packed with lies, deception, and conspiracies, is now available in digital bookstores globally.


The book revolves around Lieutenant Jane Sparks, who witnesses a senior FBI agent being shot in the precinct's parking lot. However, this seemed to be only Sparks' first shock on the field. The second, Senior Agent Fran Morris, is a mirror image of Sparks, an identical twin. 


After an uncomfortable and confrontational discussion at the clinic, while Agent Morris is in recovery, they move to put their brilliant minds together to know who shot Agent Morris while at the same time discovering how they were separated at birth. 


Alise M., a reader, said she loved "How Could It Be?" because of its several twists and wow moments.


"This little book was exciting, short, and to the point. It wet the appetite and ended with a cliffhanger that was obvious. Throughout the book, it took unexpected turns and left you saying - I did not see that coming. 


My 14-year-old grand daughter read it and said, "It was very good, and she needs a part 2,"


Sandy, on the other hand, described Rodriguez' masterpiece as an amazing and suspenseful read.


"Easy read, not too long, and it kept me at the edge of my seat. I couldn't put the book down. Can't wait to read the second book," 


Meanwhile, Peggy R., another reader, commended Rodriguez for the impressive writing, saying the book is a quick read that keeps readers guessing.


"Story moves right along. Read in one sitting because I wanted to know what happened. Surprise ending. Can't wait for the sequel!" 


The Story Continues

And The Story Continues

"The Story Continues" is the highly anticipated sequel to Xiomara Rodriguez's acclaimed mystery crime novel, "How Could It Be?" 

Packed with even more intricate plot twists and unexpected turns, this book will keep readers on the edge of their seats. Fans of the first book will be delighted to see their favorite characters return, while new readers will be drawn in by the suspense and intrigue of this thrilling mystery.

And The Story Continues Cover

A fast-moving crime drama that delves into the dark underbelly of horse racing and the criminal element that thrives there.  This case takes the crime-solving skills of twin sisters, Captain Jane Sparks of the SFPD and Senior Special Agent Fran Morris of the FBI, to bring the perpetrators to justice.

From the Author:

"I was inspired by the characters themselves; the idea came to me one night about 3:00 am in the morning and I just wrote until the 1st book was done, then it all continued on the 2nd book.


These books are just entertainment and nothing else, they are fast reading, you can read them when you are traveling or when you just want to get way from everything. The audience can be anyone from a teenager that likes mystery to a senior citizen.  It is written in the way I speak, and sound.


The only advise I have for aspiring writers is to never give up, dreams do come true, you just have to go on."

- Xiomara Rodriguez

A New Beginning Maybe

A New Beginning Maybe?

A New Beginning Maybe? is a fast-moving crime drama and is the 3rd instalment of the adventures of the crime-solving team of twin sisters, Captain Jane Sparks of the SFPD and Special Agent Fran Morris of the FBI.  


This book takes the sisters into the world of stolen art and antiquities, that 

takes them into different roads in their lives.

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