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Xiomara Rodriguez was born in San Juan, Puerto Rico in 1950. She lived in Puerto Rico until the age of 27, when she moved to Mainland USA. At 72, Xiomara is a wife of 41 years, a mother of two, a grandmother of two, and a great grandmother of five.

Xiomara retired from the U.S. Coast Guard after serving 20 years, ten of which she served as a Special Agent with the Coast Guard Investigative Service. She was the first Hispanic female to become a Special Agent with the CGIS.


After retiring from the Coast Guard, Xiomara co-founded Tu Casa Latina, a non-profit organization that helps immigrant women, men, and children who are victims of domestic violence, violent crimes, and human trafficking in Northern Nevada. The organization provides immigration help and referrals so that the victims can stay in the USA and build a better life.

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Xiomara Rodriguez - Author | "How Could It Be?" and "The Story Continues"

Rodriguez has always had a passion for writing, which she developed at the age of 9. She studied History and Theater at the University of Puerto Rico and Sociology at George Mason University in Virginia. She has published some short stories and poems in various college magazines, and some of her poetry was published in Nuestro Magazine.

Xiomara's favorite book is Don Quixote de la Mancha by Miguel Cervantes. She also enjoys reading books by Patricia Cornwell and Sydney Sheldon.

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